12 in. Battery Operated LED Changing Christmas Tree

12 in. Battery Operated LED Changing Christmas Tree Perfect for adding a little cheer to your desktop, the 12 in. Battery Operated LED Changing Christmas Tree features LED lights that change colors as you watch. Measuring just 12 inches tall, this color-change tree uses 2 AA batteries (not included).About Kurt S. Adler Inc.The story of Kurt S. Adler Inc. begins after the close of World War II when Mr. Adler tried his hand at exporting general goods. Business grew, and European economies flourished so he turned his focus to importing. Ornaments were offered by the 1950s, and beautiful, handmade angels from East and West Germany found an enthusiastic audience in America. Adler expanded the line to glass ornaments from Czechoslovakia, hanging ceiling decorations from Germany, and miniature lights from Italy.The next decade, Adler started importing holiday decor from the Far East. Colorful snow globes and other animated items became a collector's favorite. In the 1980s and 90s, Fabriche santas, nutcrackers and other collectibles were ushered in. Recent additions include animatronics, fiber optic trees, interactive advent calendars, and synchronized musical decorations.

Steinbach Christmas Tree German Nutcracker 2008 Edition-Signed

Steinbach Christmas Tree German Nutcracker 2008 Edition-Signed Fanciful and charming the 2008 Signed Steinbach Christmas Tree German Nutcracker is a quaint and colorful representation of the iconic Christmas tree. It makes the perfect one-of-a-kind piece to accent your Christmas decor. This unique figure’s traditional nutcracker design with its gruff expression and trademark grin is based on that from treasured German folklore. Meticulously hand-carved in the renowned Steinbach factory in Germany this decorative nutcracker is crafted from genuine wood painted freehand and signed by Karla Steinbach. It makes a wonderful collectable and is sure to be a family favorite for years to come.

About Steinbach

Steinbach is recognized for the unique design of its wood-carved creations developed many years ago by Herr Christian Steinbach. The Steinbach family started making nutcrackers and other items in the 1800s in the Alpine regions of Germany. The tradition of creating hand-carved Steinbach German Nutcrackers is carried on by the Steinbach family which remains responsible for the product concept development design manufacture and quality control at the Hohenhameln factory in the northern region of Germany.Steinbach items are highly collectible. If you are starting a new collection or adding to your existing collection you will love these unique masterpieces. These treasured collectibles are handed down from generation to generation.The Making of Steinbach NutcrackersEach Steinbach nutcracker is produced using up to 130 separate procedures. Genuine hardwood is cut and shaped into specific sizes and parts. The wood is then turned by hand using an ancient process that creates smooth clean surfaces. The pieces are lathed polished and drilled before they are turned over to experienced craftsmen who prime and spray them repeatedly alternating the process with drying to produce an even tone. Carving comes next; wood-carving artisans use knives and finely honed skill to add personality and detail to the pieces.  Check out Steinbach Christmas Tree German Nutcracker 2008 Edition-Signed

Small Christmas Tree Snow Globe

Small Christmas Tree Snow Globe Looking as though it’s been dusted with golden snow the Small Christmas Tree Snow Globe is crafted from real blown Viennese glass and is made in Austria. With a full tree and red candles this snow globe is perfect for Christmas.About Alexander Taron Inc.For more than half a century the Taron Company has been delighting customers and collectors with traditional European gifts. These exquisite hand-crafted products range from nutcrackers and incense burners to ornaments and cuckoo clocks; unique and collectible they make unforgettable gifts regardless the occasion. Originally founded in 1949 Alexander Taron remains dedicated to providing high-quality items at great value. Check outSmall Christmas Tree Snow Globe

Signed Steinbach Chubby Irish Boy Nutcracker

Signed Steinbach Chubby Irish Boy Nutcracker Introduced in 1992 Steinbach’s Chubby designs were first called Juniors. The name Chubby has stuck though and they represent some of Steinbach’s most popular nutcrackers.The hand-painted Steinbach Chubby Irishman Nutcracker is signed by Karla Steinbach and dressed in a green shirt and brown pants and holds a Christmas tree and snowman. This beautifully crafted nutcracker is hand-crafted from the finest materials and stands 12 inches tall. It is a delightful addition to any collection sure to become a family heirloom.The Steinbach nutcracker tradition began centuries ago in the Alpine regions of Germany. In legend the nutcracker possessed miraculous powers bringing good fortune and protection from evil spirits and the more elaborate their decorations the stronger their powers. The Steinbach family began producing wood products in 1832. Today Herr Steinbach and his daughter Karla continue the tradition. Steinbach Nutcrackers are timeless family heirlooms to pass down from generation to generation.Each Steinbach Nutcracker is created using eight major processes – from the cutting of the wood to the hand-painting of details – and can involve up to 130 separate procedures. Each hand-crafted Steinbach Nutcracker is made in Germany by the artisans at the renowned Steinbach factory. The history quality detail and superior craftsmanship of Steinbach nutcrackers is unmatched.

Check out Signed Steinbach Chubby Irish Boy Nutcracker

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