Snowman Electric Pyramid

Richard Glaesser 3 Tier Snowman Electric Pyramid


This delightful handmade Richard Glaesser Three-Tier Snowman Electric Pyramid will add a touch of festive cheer to your home each year at Christmastime. This petite pyramid features nativity scenes on each tier with a boy and his dog admiring the snowman he’s built in front of the pyramid. Each figure is hand-carved and hand-enameled.This pyramid turns by an electric motor and lovely electric candles create a unique festive atmosphere. This wonderful pyramid is sure to become a treasured heirloom in your family.

Dimensions: 7.25D x 5.25W x 10.25H inches.

The Christmas pyramid is a unique article that originated in the Erzgebirge region of Germany around 300 years ago. It was very simple – often sticks tied together at the top and decorated with bright materials. To maintain an upright position the sticks had to be tied in such way that the base was broader than the top; hence the pyramid shape and the reason for their name.Over time flat round platforms were developed and a center shaft was put through the platforms; thus the platforms rotate. Ultimately wings or blades were attached at the top and candles were fitted to various parts of the pyramid. When the candles are lit on today’s Christmas pyramids their heat moves the wing blades and propels the whole structure.The Richard Glaesser Company is located in Seiffen in the heart of the Erzgebirge in the former East Germany. This picturesque area is known for its handmade wooden toys pyramids and other collectibles. Richard Glaesser founded the company in 1932. Although he passed away in 1987 the tone and standards for quality that he set continue today.Founded in 1949 the Taron Company has been in business for more than 50 years. The company’s focus has always remained the same: to bring unique high-quality collectible giftware handicrafts and toys to the U.S. marketplace.

Steinbach Carnival Leader Signed Nutcracker

Steinbach Carnival Leader Signed Nutcracker The 19-Inch Steinbach Carnival Leader Signed Nutcracker is a great way to enhance the festive atmosphere of any celebration. Sporting a top hat and tux, this carnival leader is ready to start the show.

The eight-step process that brings each solid wood nutcracker to life has been a Steinbach tradition for six generations. All pieces are hand-turned and hand-carved to exact specifications by highly trained artisans. Meticulous attention to detail is exercised right down to the freehand painting and signature that give every nutcracker its highly collectable value. Function is designed into all genuine Steinbach nutcrackers making them as practical as they are beautiful. Whether you’re a collector or just filled with Christmas cheer the Carnival Leader is perfect for the holiday season.
About Steinbach
Steinbach is recognized for the unique design of its wood-carved creations developed many years ago by Herr Christian Steinbach. The Steinbach family started making nutcrackers and other items in the 1800s in the Alpine regions of Germany.The tradition of creating hand-carved Steinbach German Nutcrackers is carried on by the Steinbach family which remains responsible for the product concept development design manufacture and quality control at the Hohenhameln factory in the northern region of Germany.Steinbach items are highly collectible. If you are starting a new collection or adding to your existing collection you will love these unique masterpieces. These treasured collectibles are handed down from generation to generation.


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