Steinbach Prussian Guard German Christmas Nutcracker

Steinbach Prussian Guard German Christmas Nutcracker

Decorative nutcracker ideal for holiday display
Handcrafted from genuine wood
16 in. tall
Carved by artisans and painted freehand in Germany
Made only by Steinbach
Available signed by Karla Steinbach

Ulbricht Dentist Nutcracker

Ulbricht dentist nutcrackerUlbricht Dentist Nutcracker

Ideal for dentists and dental assistants the Dentist Nutcracker is always prepared for an examination. He comes bearing his pick and a teeth model. Nutcrackers make wonderful presents; both charming and functional these familiar holiday staples bring charm and delight to the holidays. Display them on a shelf for that festive touch or get the party started by cracking open a selection of seasonal nuts. Hand-crafted from solid wood this nutcracker has been hand-painted in Germany with a vibrant array of colors. It stands nine inches tall. Spruce up your own holiday decorations with this fresh take on a genuine classic or present your loved one neighbor or colleague with a timeless and unforgettable gift.

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