STEINBACH: MAGIC OF NUTCRACKERS - FOR COLLECTOR'S OF NUTCRACKERS If you haven't yet got a nutcracker at home perhaps you will be gripped by the passion of collecting such figures when you read through this booklet. You won't be alone in that. In many places in good old Europe, America and Japan there are both famous individual collectors and Steinbach-Collector-Clubs. The largest collection know to us at present is owned by Claudia Davis in Hayden Lake, USA who has over 5000 which she inherited from her father Hal Davis. I have been able to personally sign many a figure for Hal Davis in the last few decades. What joy, what historical mystique and what enormous value is contained in such a collection! Our colourful wooden companions have forefathers. It has been established that Aristoteles possessed a nutcracker with a leverage around 330 B.C. Old figures from history become collector's items in their special and individual styles. Even nowadays a nutcracker figure is not simply a tool. No, our nutcrackers are symbolic figures. They will help you to "crack the spice of life," Strong, powerful, genuine and loyal like their forefathers over the centuries, they do their duty. Always ready to ward off evil from their owners. They are kind companions, venerable and respectable figures, but never objects of ridicule, as an Eastern ideology claimed for a time. I shouted "hurrah" when our King (F. August III) came. He was loved and respected and incidentally much cheaper than a President today! All our nutcrackers deserve respect--whether it's the old craftsman, hunters, princes, soldiers, pioneers in spirit and deed and technique. It's quite an impressive community which has come together in the Steinbach nutcrackers. The hidden attraction in their wooden hearts quickly grips their owners. Not all the illustrations in the book are now in our current production. They can only be bought for a lot of money and as antiques. Start looking for them now! We wish you great pleasure when collecting our future models.

Magic of Nutcrackers: Our Jubilee Collectors Guide

Send your Child a Letter from Santa

Letters from Santa are postmarked from the North Pole and kids really love getting their letter from Santa.

For the most skeptical child, you may need the CSI Santa Evidence kit that leaves clues behind that Santa truly visited during the night. The kit includes Santa’s glasses, glove, drivers license and a Santa boot print kit. I have even included some special Reindeer corn for your child to feed the traveling reindeer.

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