Ulbricht Nutcracker – Painted Snowman

  • Stands 8.5 inches tall
  • Holds a small bunch of twigs and has a bird on his shoulder
  • Painstakingly hand-painted so no two are exactly alike
  • Hand-crafted in Germany
  • Techniques have been handed down over many generations

Product Description

The Ulbricht Painted Snowman Nutcracker stands 8.5 inches tall. Holding a bunch of twigs in one hand and a blue bird on his shoulder, he is a charming piece. Hand-crafted from solid wood, this nutcracker has been hand-painted long lasting colors in Germany.

Product Details

The Ulbricht Painted Snowman Nutcracker is a beautiful piece. He wears a black shiny hat and holds a bunch of twigs. With a lovely smile on his face, this snowman is a … More >>

Ulbricht Nutcracker – Painted Snowman

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