Steinbach Chubby Dentist German Nutcracker

Steinbach Chubby Dentist German NutcrackerSteinbach Chubby Dentist German Nutcracker

The Steinbach Chubby Dentist German Nutcracker is an example of the rich heritage of Steinbach nutcrackers. One of the few dentists that will make you smile the chubby dentist stands 12.5 inches tall and comes with his own toothbrush and pulled tooth. Rich gold and red tones and handmade details like the medical insignia on his hat are in full supply. This piece is made of genuine high-quality wood has been hand-carved in Germany and is completely painted in freehand. It is a masterpiece and a true collectible for your home

Ulbricht Nutcracker – Painted Snowman

  • Stands 8.5 inches tall
  • Holds a small bunch of twigs and has a bird on his shoulder
  • Painstakingly hand-painted so no two are exactly alike
  • Hand-crafted in Germany
  • Techniques have been handed down over many generations

Product Description

The Ulbricht Painted Snowman Nutcracker stands 8.5 inches tall. Holding a bunch of twigs in one hand and a blue bird on his shoulder, he is a charming piece. Hand-crafted from solid wood, this nutcracker has been hand-painted long lasting colors in Germany.

Product Details

The Ulbricht Painted Snowman Nutcracker is a beautiful piece. He wears a black shiny hat and holds a bunch of twigs. With a lovely smile on his face, this snowman is a … More >>

Ulbricht Nutcracker – Painted Snowman

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